Ash Wednesday Service

Background information

This service aims to recreate the tradition of penitential self-reflection that was at the heart of the Ash Wednesday service. It seeks to mark the beginning of Lent and to introduce people of all ages to the ideas of repentance and forgiveness.

Growing up in Tonga in a staunch Methodist upbringing, Ash Wednesday was not part of my formation in the faith. Ash Wednesday amongst other important liturgies of the Church was regarded as a Roman Catholic rite and to commit to it would be deemed as a violation of the Methodist brand of the faith.
It was much later in my faith formation in the Uniting Church that I was introduced to this liturgy, its meaning and significance.

Ash Wednesday signalled the beginning of the season of Christian preparation and formation known as the “Becoming Disciples” process. This process enables the Church to offer a way of preparing catechumens to receive baptism or reaffirm their baptismal vows, at Easter. Ash Wednesday amongst other rites of the Church leading up to and through Lent provides a firm focus on discipleship and Christian living.

Come and join us Wednesday 14, 7.00pm at the Chapel.

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