Questions and Answers

What to expect?

Belmont Uniting Church (BUC) is a community of ordinary people who have been redeemed by the cross of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to be a church in and for the community journeying together to the promised end. BUC invite you to come and be a part of that journey.

What do we offer on Sunday morning?

We have two services every Sunday morning. A small gathering of people meets at 8.30am, followed by the 10.00 am service for a much larger group. Although our worship services follow a traditional pattern of liturgy, contemporary songs and interactions are a common feature of our services. We also have a monthly afternoon service at 1.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

After the services, all are invited to a time of fellowship (tea, coffee and biscuits available and light lunch for the Wednesday afternoon service). This is an opportunity for people to meet and greet each other, reflect on the church service and to catch up on the events of their week.

How often do you have Communion?

For the 8.30am congregation, Holy Communion is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month whereas the 10.00am congregation celebrates Holy Communion on the first Sunday. For the 1.30pm congregation Holy Communion is celebrated during their monthly meeting. We extend an open invitation to anyone who may want to receive Communion. If you have any enquiries regarding this feel free to contact the minister for conversation.

What do I wear?

Suits and dresses, casual, shorts and t-shirts – you will see a wide variety of clothing on a wide variety of people of all ages.

What about my children?

Children are most welcome to stay with their parents during worship. There is a children’s message during the service and other age appropriate activities provided for the children to enjoy in the adjoining room during the rest of the service.

How do I join as a member?

You are invited to speak with a member of our ministry team and seek further information about becoming a member.