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Nestled in the southern suburb of Geelong along the Barwon River, we are a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant community of faith. Commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to share God’s love in the world, we cherish our long history of worship and service in our local community and beyond.

At Belmont Uniting Church, you will find a spiritual home filled with loving people, smiling children, inspiring choir, engaging storytelling, compassionate care and people making a difference in the world.

You are welcome to join us for our weekly worships on Sunday mornings at 8.30am except for the first Sunday of the month, 10.00am every week and on the first Wednesday of the month at 1.30pm. If you plan to visit us in the month of January please note that we have one service only at 9.00am. 

Please feel free to join us for any of the other events and activities that take place in the life of the congregation or use the church during the week for a time of quiet prayer and/or meditation.

We look forward to meeting you!

Somewhere at BUC today...

All you members Do Not be alarmed, our sacred home is safe and sound.
It is not a scene of extreme emergency, rather a case of welcome frenzy.
Move away all you career firefighters and make way for the newest and strongest recruiters.
For the Thomson kinder is on the job, with lights and sirens they’ve got it all.
We are here to save you all and thats how the Thomson kinder roll.

What's on this week…

Belmont Church helping Belmont School

Envision is a not-for-profit organisation working with community groups to assist disadvantaged jobseekers. Part of their aim is to help reduce carbon footprint through recycling. Envision is partnering up with schools across Victoria, like the Belmont Primary school, in turning milk container tops for the production of prosthetic limbs. These prosthetic limbs are then distributed to those in need in war-torn countries.

Mr David Haughton, the Principal of the Belmont primary school, has asked for our assistance in reaching the school target of 167 caps or more per grade. Within several days of this announcement, the responses have been immediate and generous. Keep them coming and if you have any questions please speak with Alwyne who is happy to coordinate this effort.

*Have you noticed?

That our lights are a bit brighter, a bit cleaner, a bit more environmental friendlier - all thanks to Mr Bunting and our Property Team for their work in organising for well over 100 fluorescent light tubes across our buildings installed. We are one step closer to becoming a greener and environmental friendlier CHURCH.



Geoff's retirement from Ministry

Come and join us in a worship service of celebration giving thanks to God for Geoff & Liz's long and faithful service to God and the Belmont congregation.

The service of Severing of the Pastoral Ties will be conducted at BUC on Sunday 30th of June at 10.00am followed by a light lunch in the hall.

The preacher for the day will be the Rev Ann Key, a friend and long term ministry colleague of Geoff and Liz.  

Geoff and Liz Aitken

“‘I know what I am planning for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to give you hope and a good future.’~ Jeremiah 29:11


It is the season of Pentecost!

Around the time of Jesus, the Jewish philosopher Philo wrote that having no mouth God made a miraculous sound in the air, a breath, articulated into words, turning the air into fire, which those far away could hear as clearly as those nearby. This voice, sounding from the midst of the fire from heaven, became articulate in the native tongues of the hearers. (Paraphrased from E Charpentier, How To Read The New Testament, SCM Press London p. 84.)

Don't over think it, just let the Spirit be!


Dear friends, I have been overwhelmed by your act of generosity in donating over $5700.00 in just over three weeks towards my Sleepout fundraiser for homelessness. I am lost for words to convey my deep and profound gratefulness for your support to a cause that is close to all our hearts.
Homelessness and housing are in a state of severe stress in our state. According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics people living in severely crowded dwellings comprise the largest homeless group, which is up 23 percent from 2011. One in 56 people in Victoria received homelessness assistance. These are staggering figures.
Our effort may not make a sizeable dent on these figures but with one voice acting locally, we chipped away at the homelessness in our region one bed, one meal at a time. After all, we know that our motivator and enabler fed over 5 thousand people with one day ration of food.
I only wish that our Enabler could do HIS magic on the weather come Thursday next week! Watch this space for updates on how I will go. Again, as we say in the Island - Malo, Thank you! Ikani

What we have achieved together:

16 - Individual support programs
42 - Beds
169 - Meals



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