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Welcome to Belmont Uniting Church

Nestled in the southern suburb of Geelong along the Barwon River, we are a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant community of faith. Commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to share God’s love in the world, we cherish our long history of worship and service in our local community and beyond.

At Belmont Uniting Church, you will find a spiritual home filled with loving people, smiling children, inspiring choir, engaging storytelling, compassionate care and people making a difference in the world.

You are welcome to join us for our weekly worships on Sunday mornings at 8.30am except for the first Sunday of the month, 10.00am every week and on the first Wednesday of the month at 1.30pm. If you plan to visit us in the month of January please note that we have one service only at 9.00am. 

Please feel free to join us for any of the other events and activities that take place in the life of the congregation or use the church during the week for a time of quiet prayer and/or meditation.

We look forward to meeting you!


If you require some help around your property with weeding, mowing, general tidy up, in fact, any odd job, then Malcolm may be  your best and quickest option. Malcolm can also assist with the Council Hard Rubbish Collection. He can place larger goods out on the nature strip for collection.

For any small jobs around the home you will be helping Malcom and clear up those hard jobs! Call Malcom on 0431 046 280 or see him on Sunday for a chat.

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The congregation is delighted to welcome its newest member, Thomas George Mortimer Hollingsworth, son of Laura and Jeremy and younger brother of Emily Catherine Smily Hollingsworth. Together with the Yates and the Hollingsworth, the congregation welcomes you to join us in this great celebration of baptism this Sunday at its 10.00am service which will be followed by fellowship over morning tea.

"Thomas for you Jesus Christ has come, has lived, has suffered; for you, he has endured the agony of Gethsemane and the darkness of Calvary; for you, he has uttered the cry, "It is accomplished!" for you, he has triumphed over death; for you, he prays at God's right hand; all for you, little child, even though you do not know it. In baptism, the word of the apostle is fulfilled: "We love because God first loved us".



This Committee has been convened in order to support Rev. Ikani in this vital ministry.
As Pastor Geoff is retiring we are reviewing current pastoral care arrangements, i.e. the number of members who require active and regular pastoral visitations and the ways in which the congregation can remain linked to members who have entered Aged Care or who are unable to regularly participate in the life of the congregation.

The following are members of this Committee:
Elizabeth Wood, Loris Jackson, Katrina Haas, Neville Funston, Brian Cooper, Rev. Ikani, (Pastor Geoff) and Liz Moss.
All those who visit as Pastoral carers are invited to a light luncheon after Church on June 2nd. (Could you please bring a plate to share). This is in order to advise of changed visiting groups and the structure of future ways of reporting Pastoral Care needs to Rev. Ikani.
We also want to recognise Geoff’s work over the past 15 years of his caring. Hoping to meet with you then. Liz Moss (Committee Chair).

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