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Welcome to Belmont Uniting Church

Nestled in the southern suburb of Geelong along the Barwon River, we are a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant community of faith. Commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to share God’s love in the world, we cherish our long history of worship and service in our local community and beyond.

At Belmont Uniting Church, you will find a spiritual home filled with loving people, smiling children, inspiring choir, engaging storytelling, compassionate care and people making a difference in the world.

You are welcome to join us for our weekly worships on Sunday mornings at 8.30am except for the first Sunday of the month, 10.00am every week and on the first Wednesday of the month at 1.30pm. If you plan to visit us in the month of January please note that we have one service only at 9.00am. 

Please feel free to join us for any of the other events and activities that take place in the life of the congregation or use the church during the week for a time of quiet prayer and/or meditation.

We look forward to meeting you!

WORSHIP ROSTER: Neville is in the process of putting together a new roster for the months, December to March inclusive. He would welcome your assistance with information regarding dates and any circumstances you would like him to consider. In particular, be aware of Christmas and Easter services. If you need to respond, please leave a note for Neville in the “F” pigeonhole or phone him no later than next Sunday 10th November.
It is anticipated your new roster will be available in your pigeonhole on Sunday 17th November and be operational from December 1.



The next meeting is Saturday 16th November at 8.00 a.m. in the Church Hall.

The Topic: ‘Travels through Europe by Bicycle’ Guest Speaker: Ian Henricus. See you there.


Food Bank is providing Uniting with Christmas puddings and cakes, custard and canned ham. Therefore, these items will not be required as donations from churches, schools, etc. Donate “treat” goods e.g. lollies, sweet biscuits, soft drink, tea, coffee and the like. The Christmas Hamper will provide 10 items – rice, pasta and sauce, milk, cereal, canned fruit and vegetables, baked beans, spaghetti, tuna. Donations to add to these goods will be very welcome.

Sunday 1st December at 3.00pm
As the Christmas season approaches, many are filled with excitement and anticipation. But for others, this can be a painful time. The constant refrains and television ads about the family getting together reminds many of what and who they have lost, or perhaps what they never had.

The anguish of broken relationships, the weariness of ill health, the pain of isolation, the stress of making ends meet, or even if you feel drowned with concerns for our country and the world – all these can make us feel very alone in the midst of this ‘happy family time’.

And for some of us, Christmas has never been the same since our loved one passed, a year or decades ago. We need space and time to not only to acknowledge our sadness and concern but to remember and give thanks for them this Christmas season. We need to know that we are not alone. We need to know that God is with us; Emmanuel.

Join with us in sharing and hearing prayers, scripture, and music that acknowledge that God is present with those who mourn, for those who grieve, for those who struggle. God’s Word comes to shine light into our darkness. All are welcome. Come!


Sunday 8th December at 7.30p.m. Write it in you diary now!

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