Virtual Palm Sunday

With traditonal Palm Sunday marches off due to the COVID-19 criss, advocates for refugees and asylum seekers are taking their call for compassion online.

Palm Sunday online service

Rev Alex Sangster from St Andrews Fairfield in Melbourne will lead an online service this Sunday on the Uniting Church in Australia Facebook page.




Moderator's video message

Moderator Denise Liersch asks you to embrace new ways of staying connected in these “challenging times”. “This is a time when gathering as communities of faith is more important than ever,” she says. “Creative new ways of gathering are being found and embraced across the church.”

Worship resource page

As we continue to adapt to the disruption caused by COVID-19, each of us is being asked to consider new ways of worship. To assist you in doing and being church from home, we have compiled a list of resources for all ages, which will be updated weekly.


COVID-19 news

To keep up with the latest news as it applies to the Church, head to our dedicated section on Synod’s homepage. All letters, resources, stories and other updates will be posted here regularly.

alt_textDigital Crosslight

The latest edition of your favourite magazine has been printed and will be distributed in the coming week to all of its usual destinations. However, if you can’t find a copy or would prefer to read the magazine online we have developed an easy-to-read digital version, which you will find on the Crosslight website.

Your ideas, like this, are welcome!

Welcome to Belmont Uniting Church

Nestled in the southern suburb of Geelong along the Barwon River, we are a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant community of faith. Commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to share God’s love in the world, we cherish our long history of worship and service in our local community and beyond.

At Belmont Uniting Church, you will find a spiritual home filled with loving people, smiling children, inspiring choir, engaging storytelling, compassionate care and people making a difference in the world.


The Belmont Uniting Church rejoices together with the Tamani, Oman and the Mathiewson families in welcoming Leilani Una Nean Tamani to the family of God.


Belmont Uniting Church Combined Community Choir




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