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Belmont Uniting Church has had a significant connection with Bushikori from its early beginnings in the 1980’s.

Margery Hobbs, a member of our congregation for many years, together with her late husband Rex, were in Nairobi and met, only by chance, the late Rev. Sam Wandendeya from Mbale, Uganda in 1989. After hearing of his dream to establish a safe haven for children who had been orphaned as a result of the Idi Amin Regime they offered the initial sponsorship.

On their return to Geelong and following a visit from the Rev. Sam Wandeneya, Bushikori Australia was formed in 1994.

Anne Wandendya, Sam’s wife, took over the role as Director following Sam’s tragic death in an automobile accident.

Margery Hobbs is now the Australian Patron of Bushikori.

Two other members of our congregation, Lance and Ella Matheson, have been wonderful supporters of Bushikori, serving on the Australian Support Committee since 1994. The Committee’s members are all from Geelong and district.

Our congregation readily supports the fund raising activities conducted by the Friends of Bushikori Committee. Members, Sue and Bill Jennings, serve on this committee. Many members also sponsor the needy children in the Mbale area, enabling them to attend the Joshua Primary School, and then continue through to secondary and tertiary education if necessary.

The Australian Support Committee are always seeking sponsors for these needy children.

Currently the Bushikori Christian Centre consists of a Health Clinic, a three-roomed Hospital, Joshua Primary School, a Community Library and Hall.

Bushikori’s Mission Statement reads: To empower disadvantaged community members by improving their spiritual and socio-economic status for sustainable development with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Kalkee Community Club

Day Respite, Social Activities & Outings

Care and support with Uniting AgeWell

At Uniting AgeWell, we believe older people want to live in an environment of choice, empowerment and wellness, able to access support and care as hey choose.

With a wide range of community services available, Uniting AgeWell assists older people to remain active, independent and living in their own community.

The Uniting AgeWell approach to ageing has five elements:

  • Connect
  • Being Assist
  • Restore
  • Care; and
  • Palliate.

These elements recognise the different stages of the ageing process and the different services you may choose to support your goals.

About Kalkee Community Club

The Kalkee Community Club has operated in Belmont for 11 years. It is part of the Uniting AgeWell Kalkee Community, which was established in 1971 as a result of the vision and generosity of a local benefactor.

Conveniently located near the Belmont shopping centre and public transport, the Kalkee Community Club provides social support for people living in the community with early stage dementia/memory loss, with good mobility.

Services at Kalkee

The Community Club enable clients to meet and socialize with others through enjoyable activities that aim to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing.

Flexible social programs, including centre-based activities and community outings, are tailored to support individual needs with a focus on positive ageing.

Our Staff

Our staff are highly trained allied health professionals or personal carers dedicated to providing quality, innovative services to ensure every person has the opportunity to age well.

How much does it cost?

Client contributions are set in accordance with the Home and Community Care (HACC) Fees Policy. Fees are negotiable and can be waived in exceptional circumstances.


Kalkee has its own bus and clients are picked up and dropped home on Wednesdays and Fridays. Clients must organise their own transport to the Community Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however we can facilitate referrals for transport services if required.

Who can attend?

The clubs day programs are available to people in the community who:

Are aged 65 years or older, who have dementia, memory loss or confusion.

Younger people with a disability who receive NDIA funding for social support as part of their NDIA plan


Individuals, families, concerned people, GP’s, health professionals or other community services can refer directly to the service on (03) 5243 1746, or contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

Activities on Offer

Kalkee offers a wide range of interesting activities including craft, quizzes, carpet bowls, music and exercise. Groups also get out and about in the community for activities such as picnics and sightseeing excursions, including coastal or country drives. A monthly calendar of events is provided to clients and carers.

Operating hours Tuesday to Friday

10am – 2.30pm


Social activities and musical entertainment


Bus outing


Social activities and exercise group


Bus outing

About Uniting AgeWell

As an organisation of the Uniting Church in Australia, Uniting AgeWell has a long history of providing residential and community services for older people. Our values of respect, partnership, wisdom, fairness and stewardship shape and inform all that we do.

With services available throughout metropolitan Melbourne, regional Victoria and /Tasmania, we offer a range of specialised options to support your health and wellbeing including independent and assisted living, home care, social support and therapy programs, respite and residential care communities.

How to contact us

To find out how we can assist you, please call the Kalkee Community Club Coordinator on:

T: (03) 5243 1746

F: (03) 5243 1746


Please note, the office is unattended on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please contact our business office on (03) 5243 9566.

Kalkee Community Club

46 Thomson Street

Belmont, Victoria, 3216