Belmont Uniting Church has had a significant connection with Bushikori from its early beginnings in the 1980’s.

Margery Hobbs, a member of our congregation for many years, together with her late husband Rex, were in Nairobi and met, only by chance, the late Rev. Sam Wandendeya from Mbale, Uganda in 1989. After hearing of his dream to establish a safe haven for children who had been orphaned as a result of the Idi Amin Regime they offered the initial sponsorship.

On their return to Geelong and following a visit from the Rev. Sam Wandeneya, Bushikori Australia was formed in 1994.

Anne Wandendya, Sam’s wife, took over the role as Director following Sam’s tragic death in an automobile accident.

Margery Hobbs is now the Australian Patron of Bushikori.

Two other members of our congregation, Lance and Ella Matheson, have been wonderful supporters of Bushikori, serving on the Australian Support Committee since 1994. The Committee’s members are all from Geelong and district.

Our congregation readily supports the fund raising activities conducted by the Friends of Bushikori Committee. Members, Sue and Bill Jennings, serve on this committee. Many members also sponsor the needy children in the Mbale area, enabling them to attend the Joshua Primary School, and then continue through to secondary and tertiary education if necessary.

The Australian Support Committee are always seeking sponsors for these needy children.

Currently the Bushikori Christian Centre consists of a Health Clinic, a three-roomed Hospital, Joshua Primary School, a Community Library and Hall.

Bushikori’s Mission Statement reads: To empower disadvantaged community members by improving their spiritual and socio-economic status for sustainable development with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For further information please visit: www.bushikori.org.au