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We received the wonderful support of $2,632.   This amount will be allocated to the Bushikori Centre Fund.  Praise the Lord!

Every month Bushikori Uganda needs $2250 for the mission to operate. This is to keep the centre open, to pay the running cost bills such as electricity, phone, firewood and staff wages for the dedicated Ugandans who work there at the Bushikori centre in Uganda. (the Ugandan staff are paid in accordance with Uganda’s wage structure- not ours. The wage we pay them helps support their extended families, educate their children and is spent in their local communities helping the economy. No donated money is spent in Australia on admin funds as we are all volunteers)

The Bushikori Centre fund allows the work in Uganda of helping the children with sponsorship and medical needs to continue.

The Bushikori Centre fund is also used to cover the sponsorship of children in limbo between sponsors. This occurs when a sponsor withdraws, often in arrears, and it takes time to find a new sponsor who begins as new, with nothing owing.

We have also committed to sending a $1000 per month to help the Clinic function – if we do not receive that in donations specifically to the Clinic then the shortfall comes from the Bushikori Centre fund.

I have copied this information to maybe help with your communication of how the funds will be used.

Our committee are grateful for the support and encouragement we have received from Belmont Uniting Church congregation.



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